Thursday, March 26, 2009

the heat of spring.

last week the band had a week off from recording which was a much deserved break after three weeks of practicing, recording, and performing. the pitch wrote a review of their last show, headlined by the band in the pines, which boasted that oriole post brought the heat of spring. unfortunately, allergies also come with spring and rachel has come down with a bit of a cold. although she didn't record vocals on wednesday, mike and aaron spent a good amount of time trying out different vocal mics, preamps, etc. after an amazing dinner, prepared by myself and michelle, seth recorded electric bass on one song and michaela laid down some fiddle. the drums, with exception to percussion, are done. stand up bass is done. rachel's guitar is pretty much done. and everything has gone pretty well, as far as i know. i can't comment too much on the technical aspect, so i'll leave that to someone else. but i can say everyone is excited. and well fed.

be sure to keep an eye out for updates about recording and shows. and more photos.

andrea (soup maker)


  1. so well fed! if we are what we eat, this album is going to be delicious.

  2. I once made soup... The EPA condemmed it, and now my stove is deemed a disaster-zone. *sigh* I'm eligible for federal funding for clean-up.

    Hope your recording is successful!